Psychochemistry, Pt. 3

Anecdotes of Discovery Even with my perceived misapplication of our achievements, the impact of the collective advancements in our technological society is undeniable, allowing humans to become largely independent of survival stress; people can consider almost anything they like at depth instead of devoting their time to surviving, thanks to modern knowledge. The ability to … Continue reading Psychochemistry, Pt. 3

Farming Molecular Ecology

The secret to healthy ecosystems lies in a systems biology term known as 'molecular ecology'. Introduction Molecular ecology describes the way molecules and organisms (which are highly organized groups of molecules) in a system interact, through bonding, sorption, and inhibition/promotion of activity. In agricultural systems, many of the molecular interactions related to plant growth and … Continue reading Farming Molecular Ecology

Complete Guide to Natural Bodycare Products

A suite of natural personal hygiene products Hygiene products are becoming more advanced, containing new technologies that improve their stability or function in some way. Take sunscreens for example: they contain molecules like nanoparticles which behave differently than suspended particles of less structured form. Since they are not typically created by natural processes and require … Continue reading Complete Guide to Natural Bodycare Products

Capillary-Based Metagenomics Suite

Hello and welcome to this four-installment series. In these posts we will be discussing metagenomics, which is a strategy used by scientists to determine which organisms are present in a sample. These samples can be composed of practically anything, including urine, feces, foods, cosmetics, soil, water, air, and more. We can identify with some clarity … Continue reading Capillary-Based Metagenomics Suite