Somatic Research Institute, Inc. (SRI) is a non-profit founded in 2019 in South Carolina with the aim to make environmental science accessible to all. We provide testing throughout the USA to raise funds for important projects.

What We Offer

Soil Testing

Soil is important for farmers, homeowners, and business owners alike

If the ground is not safe, it can’t be farmed or built upon

Proceeds from Soil Tests are invested into regenerative farming

Water Testing

Everyone relies on clean water each day

Parasites and pollutants can impact entire communities from just a single source

Proceeds from Water Tests are invested into ‘green’ water treatment

Air Testing

Clean air is one of society’s biggest issues today

Airborne spores can cause human or environmental health issues in both urban and rural areas

Proceeds from Air Tests are invested into ‘green’ air purification

Bio Testing

Plants, fungi, and animals are our greatest sources of medicines, foods, and materials

Testing can identify species, useful products, and even potency

Proceeds from Bio Tests are invested into preserving Earth’s ecological heritage

Health Consultation

Testing your health can be expensive, not to mention difficult to understand

Our skilled scientists can interpret your test and answer your questions in simple terms

Proceeds from Health Consultations are invested into low-cost, wholistic health monitoring

3D Design and Printing

Some of society’s most precious resources are not renewable

If we don’t responsibly manage natural resources they may run out, along with the products we rely on

Proceeds from 3D Projects are invested into sustainable resource management and material development

Selected Projects

To learn more about our mission, services, and projects, please Email us!